Artwork and Prices



 To commission Artwork


 Please do not hesitate to contact me on the 

form below for any enquiries >goes straight to

my inbox



Prices below.


First make sure you have a clear, high quality photo.

A photo from your smart phone will be fine. Keep in mind that the photo will be

reproduced as is,with the character and the soul of the subject brought out , so

make sure you are happy with the photo. And it is important I can see the eyes clearly -

as that is how I get 'Portraits with Soul'.

When taking the photo try and be eye level - for example if taking a photo of your dog

or pet - crouch down to their level - not looking down.


On approval of your photo, a deposit of 50% of the full price, will need to be made

to cover the cost of the art materials. This will be discussed individually.

 I will then send you my details.



The rest of the price must be paid on completion of the Artwork.

All works will be sent by registered express post. Once the Artwork is sent, I hold

no liability as this is out of my control.




Portraits are priced unframed >however I do recommend they go straight into a Frame

as Pastel is very delicate and can smudge very easily.

Approx cost of Framing is $160 AUD



To commission an Artwork or for any other enquiry - please send through on form



Cost of shipping will be discussed on individual basis.


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 'Landscape' means in Color > either Acrylic /Watercolor or Oil. 

Pastel  or Pencil for all other pricing.


I do recommend A2 or A3 size - more captivating.


We can discuss framing. I may have cheaper options than the professional Framer.

And I do have an excellent Framer - Prices vary on size and medium.


Please see Prices below.

May I advise I regard every Portrait as individual - so this is only a guide. 



1 Subject
2 Subjects
3 subjects or Landscape





$ 400AUD
$550 AUD



 12 x 17"


$450 AUD $500 AUD
$650 AUD




$ 450AUD
$750  AUD