Time does not stand still - but don't worry!

These precious moments you want to treasure forever can

be captured.

Portraits make extraordinary Hierlooms  and

are one of the best gifts you can give. that is SO precious!!


Think carefully when choosing a photo for a Portrait of a loved

one. The best photo to go with may be your favourite photo or it

may be a photo that has a memory behind it that you want to


Or you are also welcome to design your own landscape from one

of Carolyne's paintings.



Watercolor "Hoping"



Pastel of 'New baby Jessica'


Pencil of Baby Jessica



Pencil drawing (done when I was 14) below


 Watercolour : 'The Little girl and the Gentleman


 Watercolour Portraiture : 'Dreaming big...'


 Pastel Pencil 'Sad little girl' (only 6)


 Pastel Pencil : 'Young Girl"


 Watercolor Portraiture ' Lost In Dreaming Big'


 Watercolou Portraiture 'One Day...."


Acrylic Portraiture : 'Sherryn"


First stage of 'Russian Girl'


Watercolor of 'Russsian Girl"


Watercolour Portraiture : 'The Twins"

 Pastel pencil "Grandpa"


Watercolour "Goodbye Kiss"