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 Here is a display of a combination of my Portraits and Landscapes. That i have done 

over the years to current. I can recreaate >that is my skill. Do do not hesitate if you

like a painting to fill in the form on the Contact page. It goes straight to my email and

Iwill be in touch immediately.

ANY PAINTINGS can be recreated.

ALL FOR SALE. Please request desired painting and size or further details in form below.


Acrylic : 'The Boss'

Watercolour : 'Russian Girl'
Pastel  and Pencil
 My "One Day..." series/ Watercolour
Watercolour "Sunday Morning" 
Example of a different pose you can have for your Portrait.
Watercolour "Walk'n;The Rain" Paris.
Landscape I made up - however a lot of people have told me they have been there....
Watercolour " Spiritual Light"  
Watercolour Boat Scenes...
Acrylic "Marking Time"
Watercolour : "Ibn Farazdac"
Acrylic "The Race"
Watercolour " Playtime"
Watercolour "Her Domain"
Flowers in Watercolour   "Pretty Pansies"
Watercolour "Flight"
Acrylic " Spirit of Reflections
Acrylics "Happy Elephants"