Pastel or Watercolour, Pastel or Acrylics.


Carolyne can capture the memory and keepsake of your favourite

furry friend with an exquisite hand painted Portrait. As you can

see in the Portraits below their personality and soul will shine

through. Whether you are celebrating or remembering a loved

family pet, having a portrait painted is the perfect way to do it.



 Pastel - Pencil and Chalk "The Puppy..."


 Testamonial " When this Portrait " Australian Cattle Dogs" was given to its owner for

his Birthday present...the reaction was

'Uncle Keith was in tears and said ..."Look at my Babies"



Pastel Pencil of 'Zeek '  Australian Cattle dog 


 Pastel and Pastel Pencil of 'Zena" : American Amstaf"


Pastel Pencil 'Zena'


Pastel and Pastel Pencil "Cute little Dog"


Acrylic "The Jockey's Dog"


 Photo of "The Jockey's Dog"

 Watercolor "Doctor's Dogs"