Professional Artist

Qualified Art Therapist

HH Dip.(Art Th)

Dip of Counselling

Diploma of FIne Arts

DIploma of Graphic Design

Arts Certificate


Plus 30 years as Professional

Portrait Artist



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 Art classes offered for local residents in Dayboro, Queensland,


As well > One on one Art Therapy help soothe the

soul and calm down stress > especially in the midst of this


With simple fun exercises covering all sorts of areas.

Expert and Professional tuition. 

One on one lessons also available.for learning how to Draw,

from graphite to coloured pencil then watercolour...or any other


Please send all inquiries regarding fees for classes and Art

Therapy sessions on the form below which is sent

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Art is a wonderful Therapy and as well as having over 30

years in teaching Art to all ages. 

I am also a  professional Art Therapist/ Councillor as well as a

Professional Portrait Artist.

Commissions taken for Portraits as well.(see Prices page)



 Watercolour Portraiture 'The Printer's Daughter'


 Watercolour Portraiture "One Day..."



Pencil and Pastel "Meredith's Dog" 


See more in Pet Portraiture...


Watercolour Portraiture : 'FARAZDAC'

 See more horses in Horse Portraits


8B Graphite Pencil This was done when I was 14 year old.



Portraiture :Pastel Pencil : 'Sad little girl"




Instagram: Darcysart.com_Portraitswithspirit



My passion always has been ART. I love connecting the soul with my Artwork,  especially for the Portraiture commissions.I left New Zealand at 22 with a Diploma of Fine Arts to study in National Art School at Darlinghurst NSW Australia ,majoring in photography.Following that, I studied Graphics and Design at Randwick.

Always painted with passion, selling my work and teaching. Exhibiting my work at Kings College, St Joseph's, Newtington and local Art Socieites in NSW. Australia

Also in demand for workshops and teachings. From there I moved to Brisbane > selling and painting orders for  Portraits From Photos. Capturing the soul and spirit in animals or people to wonderful landscapes such as the Famous watercolor ..."Walk'n the Rain'

Exhibiting in Brisbane at the Pine Rivers Art Show, Kilcoy, Caloundra and even the Brisbane RNA Exhibition. 

However Portraiture became a huge demand >selling  Portraiture to America, Canada, all over Australia,New Zealand to Russsia....and many more*

Teaching Art to students at all levels, mostly all learning from scratch to succesfully exhibiting and selling their work. Wonderful rapport with students with now having brillant results with their work.

To stay up to date, see FB or Instagram darcysart_portraits with spirit


Teaching now at The Showgrounds, Dayboro and THe Flying Nun Cafe at Samford Queensland, Australia on every Saturday morning....(for local residents) 

Please send any requests on form below. And I will be directly in contact with you.